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The Cestrian Way

ETHOS - The Cestrian Way:  Cestrian Academic, Cestrian Behaviour, Cestrian Character

The Cestrian Way is the title we give to encompass a number of principles we have adopted to deliver first class education to pupils at North Cestrian School.

  The key elements are:

 A knowledge based curriculum. We believe that all pupils can acquire high levels of knowledge to allow them to analyse, discern and argue from strength and accuracy and this supports greater creativity. All pupils will have knowledge map booklets that comprehensively cover these essential building blocks.


  • A carefully constructed curriculum that builds in constant self-testing to ensure knowledge is secure and to give pupils a growth and improvement-focused mindset. Intelligence can be increased – it is not static.


  • Very high levels of discipline ensure that learning is given the top priority. The school's values are; hard work, honesty and fairness. Pupils are constantly drilled on the very high expectations of behaviour so that every minute of each lesson is spent productively. This makes lessons enjoyable, challenging and purposeful.


  • A no excuses culture. Whilst there may be occasional legitimate reasons for not following The Cestrian Way, it is our belief that pupils must be held accountable for their progress at school. This promotes self-reliance and prepares our youngsters for the future and supports the school's mission to allow each pupil to thrive and go on to lead a rich and fulfilling life.



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